The programme began its pilot season in June 2009 with Phedre starring Helen Mirren, which ran live in 70 cinemas across the UK. If you want to see the Olivier and the National Theatre in your local cinema, click here for more information.
National Theatre Live productions will be shown in London Assurance on Monday night and Streetcar Named Desire on Tuesday night to avoid clashes with weekend schedules.
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It’s not a phrase you’d think would ever be uttered, but it’s the weekly dose of theatre administered by London’s National Theatre. The piece, which is streamed for free on YouTube and is reissued every Thursday, keeps the audience at home on the sofa. So when you hear the reaction of the audience and wonder how many people were pushed into the theater during the lockdown, you are concerned.
Actors Corden Jones, Tamsin Greig, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tom Hiddleston have all appeared on screen and on stage, but their futures are still unclear, according to the company.
The National Theatre is now on the verge of the end of free streaming, and all the good things at stake must end. The production is free, but you can tune in to the first week of production – follow the same link and watch the play the following week under the same link. It is also available to catch up on – the next week, the week after and every week in between.
The National Theatre at home has partnered with BBC Radio 4 to stream a recording of One Man’s Two Guvnor with Gavin and Stacey and James Corden.
The National will also stream a live performance of the cast’s new play, best known for “Be Young, Gifted and Black.” The cast includes David Tennant, Kate Winslet, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Caine and Andrew Lloyd Webber from the National Theatre, as well as the original cast.
Les Blancs, which was not finished at the time of Hansberry’s death in 1965, is set in an African country on the brink of civil war. Helen McCrory will play Carrie Cracknell, who was brought on stage at both the National and Lyttelton theatres in 2016.
The fifth production in the series will be staged at Lyttelton Theatre, London, from 1 October to 31 December 2017, directed by Michael Longhurst. National Theatre Live brings the best of British theatre to the stage of the world’s largest and most prestigious theatres, both in London and across the UK.
Each performance is presented to you with the most modern – the – film techniques, tailored to the piece as it happens, in all its glory. Wide shots of the stage are swept up, close-ups capture the flickering of emotions, and the sound of music and sound effects reverberates throughout the theater.
Satellites allow you to see other venues while the production is broadcast live and without delay. The live broadcast comes to you and if you watch one of the many replays, you have the best seats in the house.
Most venues show the production live as it is broadcast, but due to time differences the first broadcast is recorded and then broadcast at a later date. Venues across the country will show the recorded production at the same time as the live broadcast at different times.
Most productions that are broadcast are plays that have been performed in the repertoire of the Royal National Theatre, but many venues also offer live performances of plays by other companies, such as the London Academy of Music and Drama and the New York Theatre Workshop. Two Guvnors will also return to theaters in October to celebrate the National Theatre Live’s 10th anniversary and be honored with a Tony Award – an award-winning performance by James Corden in the hilarious West End and Broadway hit “One Man’s Man.” The other companies collaborate with the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the London School of Poetry, the Metropolitan Opera and the Royal Court Theatre in London.
Released from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes the carer of the Roscoe Cricketers, a young man on a mission to collect 6000 pesos for the father of his fiancĂ©e. But is he really his sister Rachel, who posed as her own dead brother and was killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers? While trapped in the arms of the “cricketers,” a permanently ecstatic Francis senses the chance of an extra meal ticket and takes on the role of “One Man’s Man” – the one – and – half – year-old son of Stanley and his girlfriend, who is hidden from the police and waiting to be reunited with Rachel.